Quality Policy and Objectives

MIEPL quality policy is consistent with our tagline “Exceeding expectations through innovation and quality” which also reflects the company’s core commitment to quality.

Our Quality Policy

  • Exceed customer expectations through innovative approaches with a focus on our quality objectives.

Our Quality Objectives - Provide, Improve, Exceed

  • Provide : Provide efficient, cost effective, innovative, and high quality, engineering services and solutions
  • Improve : Focus on improving processes and quality
  • Exceed : Always meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations

MIEPL Quality Objectives are measured against goals set by senior management.

Quality Management Program

To support and enhance business planning and management efforts MIEPL has established, documented, and maintains a quality management system known as the Quality Management Program (QMP). The QMP is built on and compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 standard to assure it is consistently applied and continuously improved. By establishing and using quality management processes, standard operating procedures, and audits supported by appropriate documentation management and records control, the company is able to monitor, analyze and improve its quality management efforts.

MIEPL has defined and documented the quality management policy, quality organization, and quality management review processes of the QMP to ensure its standard application throughout the company. These include:

  • Quality Management Processes that describe how MIEPL manages the Core Business Process and key Supporting Processes;
  • Standard Operating Procedures that describe the operating methods, practice and control of the Core Business Process and key Supporting Processes.

The QMP supports and supplements our corporate planning management activities. Through annual strategic planning process reviews, MIEPL develops corporate goals which are then translated into a performance scorecard as a means of measuring capabilities to provide services which meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. The four metric corporate focus areas in the scorecard are: staff, customers, business process, and revenue targets. These areas are further broken down into specific measures for each year. Further, the annual goals are also translated into specific action items with due dates and responsible individuals assigned to manage their execution. The action items support the identified yearly measurement targets on the scorecard.

The MIEPL Quality Management Program (QMP) applies to corporate level functions that directly support the quality management program and to the program level service delivery of all services and products provided to customers. Exceptions may apply where the contractual relationship with the customer specifies otherwise.

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